Black Females:

Blacked Out and Whited Out...

Black females have been doubly neglected in schools and communities. Black females have unique needs that must be addressed; their needs are similar to and different from Black males and White females.

Under-represented in gifted education

Under-represented in Advanced Placement

Over-represented in special education

Ford's FAME -- Female Achievement Model for Excellence -- extends and builds upon the the Scholar Identity Model for Black Males to address the unique racial and gender needs of Black females.

From Impossible to I'm Possible!


Never giving up under any circumstances.

Never compromising your hopes and dreams.

Never accepting anything less than what you deserve.

Unified by color, by culture, by loyalty, by the drive to achieve great things. The yearn for success, the hunger for higher knowledge.

Beautiful Black brothers and sisters willing to sacrifice their pleasures, striving and prospering and

bestowing the fruits of their labor upon the siblings, cousins, parents, and offsprings that struggled with them.

Inspirational to say the least. Single mothers providing for families of four with a smile on their faces knowing God is smiling down at them. Knowing their blessing is within the mile.

Analytical, observing every antic “The Man” displays, but not taking the same action “The Man” does when someone has wronged you.

Next in line to receive a slice of the pie.

Nubians are the binding that holds the book of life together.

          NKGA (Blak Male, age 16, 2013)

© 2013 Donna Y. Ford​, PhD